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How to Replace a Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs carry the weight of the garage door to make it gets open and closed, but it has limited life span, and with the passage of time the springs lose their effectiveness.  The equipment and tools needed to replace the garage door springs include Stepladder,2 C-clamps, Safety goggles, Work gloves, Open-end or adjustable wrenches and Locking pliers.

In order to replace the springs, first of all, prepare the garage door and lock and disconnect the garage door opener. Position the stepladder and check the size of the winding bars, as most of the bars have both ½ and 7/16 inch ends that will fit most torsion springs. The next step is to unload the springs by inserting the ending of winding bar into the bottom lug and hold the bar tightly and then disconnect the torsion springs.

Use the locking pliers to prevent the pliers from falling out and detach the lift cables from the door brackets at the bottom of the door. Now it’s time to loosen the setscrews holding the cable drums and slide them off the torsion bar. If they show the signs of wear, then your decision of replacing them is entirely satisfactory. Attach new springs by sliding them on the torsion bar and by keeping the right and left on correct sides. Adjust the springs on the center mounting bracket and reattach the lift cables to the brackets at the bottom of the door.

Slide the cable drums onto the ends of the torsion bar and secure them by tightening their set screws down against the torsion bar. Reattach the lift cables by making sure that the cable is fully wound up, and then secure them by tightening them against the torsion bar. Load and anchor the springs, and don’t try to over-tightening as it can deform the torsion bar. If you are still not sure contact garage door repair in Edison nj for further information.

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