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What are the advantages of hiring a real estate agency to sell a flat?

Selling a house or a property can be an arduous task as the market is saturated or we do not have the knowledge or the resources to sell our home effectively. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you all the advantages of hiring a real estate agency to sell a flat exclusively and what you should take into account when signing a contract of this type.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself a series of questions to understand the process a little better and to understand how the negotiation works. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How much time, effort and money am I willing to invest?

How much time do I have to sell the flat?

What is the maximum price for which I want to sell my property?

What is the profit I want to make on the flat?

Can I entrust the sale to an external company such as a real estate agency?

Answering these questions is important when deciding to hire an estate agent to sell a flat. The reasons are more than obvious; first of all, you must understand the whole negotiation process and know that selling a flat is a difficult task, but not impossible. Selling a flat is a subject that requires a lot of tact, patience and dealing with the client. You must be attentive to the phone at all times, as well as knowing the market to know in which price range you move and get the best possible price.

The importance of these answers is key to know all your objectives and what you hope to achieve when selling your house. The problem is that many people have ideas or a price in their heads that are difficult to get rid of. Therefore, the first thing to do is to clearly define everything we want, whether we decide to sell or not. Knowing how much we are willing to give and how much we want to earn will give us a clear idea of everything we need to know in order to sell our property as quickly as possible.

Advantages of hiring a real estate agency to sell a flat on an exclusive basis

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Once you have answered the above questions, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should hire a real estate agency to sell a flat or a house.  Below, we will detail them all:

The first and perhaps the most important is that you get exclusivity because the agency or real estate agency that you hire is committed to you. An agency has a housing stock that must be treated with care and attention, as getting the maximum profit from these properties will provide both them and you with huge benefits. In addition, if they have exclusive rights to the property, they must invest all their efforts to sell it in the best possible way. It is a win-win contract in which both parties benefit.

Another interesting fact is that selling a flat exclusively with an agency or real estate agency allows for a faster sale. As a general rule, buyers looking for flats usually find flats or properties without an address in order to give their competitors the least number of clues. In this way, the owners of flats with addresses (i.e. estate agents) ensure that buyers contact them to view the flat or ask for more details, in short, they have a better chance of being bought. It has been proven that agencies that have exclusive properties can afford to put them up for sale immediately and with the exact address so that they can see it immediately. Advertising is more effective and the sale is easier as they have more resources to show the flat.

Centralisation of the process. This sounds political, but it can be summed up in the fact that there is only one interlocutor who carries out the whole process and the bureaucratic procedures. In this way, problems are solved more quickly and there is no possibility of second opinions or assessments as there is only one voice. Believe it or not, the process of selling a property can take a long time as it depends on many factors. Imagine that you contact several agents or sellers, but none of them guarantee a sale. In the end, you may lose all the sales if you wait too long. This is an advantage because the agency can act openly and without any problems. In addition, real estate agencies usually take care of all the bureaucracy, which is often tedious and technical.

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A real estate agency makes it easier for the owner of the flat as it knows the market perfectly well and can guarantee very good results in a short time. The exclusivity is usually more effective as the sale usually goes more smoothly and without any setbacks than if you have to sell it yourself.

Saving time and money, you will save time and money! We’ll explain the reasons why; the widespread belief that trying to sell a flat alone saves you money (the estate agent’s fees) and time is wrong. The same goes for the price of the flat, many people think they are going to get rich or make a lot of money in the process. However, the real market value is what it is and if you want to sell you cannot expect to raise the price of your property exaggeratedly. The time saving is important as the agency takes care of everything while you only have to sign and leave the rest in their hands.  The real estate agency has professionals who know the competition and the market, they are also usually expert negotiators and it is in their interest to sell your flat as both parties (you and them) gain from the sale.

Keys to the process to get it right with the real estate agency

Despite being a very effective way to sell a property, the problem arises when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. To avoid problems, we give you the keys to the process of making the right choice:

Gain your trust. This is the first and most important thing when it comes to selling a property, therefore, when selling your house or flat you must make sure you choose a trustworthy real estate agency that has a Code of Ethics or similar in which it commits itself to ethical and responsible compliance with the principle of the agreement it signs with you.

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It should have market exposure and a good reputation. Earlier we talked about client-real estate trust, now we will comment on the importance of reputation. It is important that the real estate company you choose knows how the market moves and has a solid reputation among clients and sellers. This guarantees an establishment of trust on both sides and usually leaves good customer reviews. So you can search the internet for reviews and find a real estate agency that meets this requirement.

Availability of properties for sale. When it comes to selling, it is as important to know the market as it is to have a stock of properties to play with in order to make a profit. Agencies know this, so those that have a good availability of properties (too many, which is not very good either, as it gives the image that they are not capable of selling) are usually the ones chosen by most clients.

Advertising techniques and sales strategies. In short, those agencies or real estate agencies that sell best are those that have a clear sales and marketing strategy and can be found on the different sales portals. If you are looking for an agency on these sites and it is not on them, bad, bad!

Finally, we advise you that before signing any paperwork you should consider a review of the contract by a lawyer so that you have peace of mind and do not have any problems.

Do you want to know a real estate agency that meets all the requirements mentioned above, don’t hesitate and visit Renovalia Inmobiliaria, our Code of Ethics and great offer make us leaders in the real estate market in our areas of operation! Our agents are professionals and are committed to our way of thinking based on mutual commitment and the maintenance of solid relationships to achieve the best possible results. Your success is our success!

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