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The Benefits of a Custom Closet

Are you giving some thought to hiring a professional custom closet builder? Are you wondering what the benefits of having a new closet are before you do? If so, we’re going to discuss why it’s a good idea to install a custom closet, as well as their organizational benefits

Additional Space

When you look in a standard closet, they’re not set up with organization or storage in mind. Instead, you see a single closet rod and, sometimes, a shelf on top. Installing a custom closet allows you to increase your storage space without the use of bins, boxes, or other removable storage accessories.

Hiring a custom closet builder will help you design the space that’s inside that closet, so it suits your needs. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to design a closet featuring lots of cubbies for shoes if you have three pairs. Instead, use that space for other customizations for drawer space, cabinets, and so on.

You’re in Charge of the Organization

In a traditional closet, the home builder is in charge of how you’re using that space. They aren’t giving any thought to that closet’s purpose. It’s their job to make sure it’s the right size for the floorplan, has a door, and at least one closet rod. That doesn’t leave you with many choices.

When you’re working with a custom closet installer, they’re putting you in charge. Do you want more lighting? Are you looking for closet rods at various heights for pants, long dresses, and shirts? You’re the one making these decisions, and they’ll help you understand the benefits of each of these choices.

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Put Your Design to Work

While functionality does seem to take the lead regarding closets and their use, that’s not the only way you can enjoy this space. What does that mean for a custom closet? Your options allow you to get the most out of this space. For example, you can choose the closet’s light fixtures, paint color, hardware, and other design elements.

Why should you keep looking at the materials the home building contractor used if you don’t like them? Instead, have fun picking out drawer pulls, colors for the walls, and materials for shelving. That way, this custom closet is based on your design preferences and personality.

Save Money and Time

Are you spending a lot of time weekly looking for pieces of clothing? Is your lack of closet organization driving you crazy? What about the laundry that’s piling up due to inappropriately stored clothing getting wrinkles? Those are all frustrations that cause delays and money.

The use of your custom closets eliminates those hassles. Your clothes are all organized and in places where you can find them. There’s no need to spend extra time ironing or visiting the dry cleaner’s because your organization won’t cause wrinkles. Therefore, you’re saving a lot of time and money with this installation.

Final Thoughts

If you’re noticing that your closet isn’t working for you after the first few uses, you’ll benefit from a new closet installation. Making that decision will help you stay organized, make design decisions based on your preferences, and save a lot of time when putting it to use.

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