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What Are The Benefits of A Loft Conversions?

Many of you know that there is great pressure on the housing supply and that moving to a larger house will be expensive, time-consuming and may involve moving to a different area. But suppose that you really need that extra space. Many people in the same situation have found the benefits in adding a loft conversion to their home.

Have you considered adding a loft conversion to your home? As cities become more crowded and space is at a premium people need to build upwards, and a loft conversion is an excellent way of increasing living space. Building upwards means that you do not need to extend into your garden or your garage space, but instead use the most underused part of your building. This is the best use of your current property and the least expensive alternative.

Think of how you can use your extra space: a new bedroom for your teenager, storage space, room for a home office, maybe space for a lodger, or even that games room that you have dreamed of. Even better, a carefully designed loft extension can give you extra storage space under the new stairs into the loft; and we all need storage space.

Why is a loft conversion better than moving home?

1. Home buyers often say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in your life. Having to pack and then unpack all your belongings is not easy. But you can cut out all the stress of a house move by having a loft conversion.

2. You will not need to worry about getting a buyer or a sale being called off. You will not need to deal with all the paperwork that goes with selling a property.

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3. Your children will not have to move schools or face longer commutes, possibly on cold, dark, wet evenings. You might even save yourself an extra commute to work. If you are living near to friends or relatives, a loft conversion means that you can still enjoy being near them.

4. A loft conversion is far less expensive than a house move. You will not have the expense of buying a larger property, which these days are very expensive. But you will save in other ways. There are no solicitor’s fees, and you will not be burdened with the cost of stamp duty. Moreover, many loft conversions need no planning permission, thus sparing you another headache.

5. Sitting in your new loft room above the noise of the street you will enjoy more natural light than you will on lower floors. That makes it a great place for reading or work.

6. Besides saving money you actually make it bespoke to your needs. A loft conversion adds to the value of your house when you finally decide to move on. A recent survey for the Nationwide Building Society reported that a loft conversion can add thirty-seven thousand pounds to the value of your house.

These are the benefits of loft conversions. They make your house more spacious, they save you money and make your home look classier. If you want more space, think of having a loft conversion designed and built by a professional building company. You will not regret it.

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