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Flat Roof Maintenance – Tips for Property Owners

Just got a flat roof installed? Or just owned a house with a flat roof? Either of the two, the fact is that you now have a flat roof on top of your head and you need to ensure you do proper maintenance if you don’t want to end up with serious issues in the long run.

Basically, all roofing types need enough attention and effort if you want to get the most out of your investment. But for the sake of flat roof owners like you, let’s discuss some flat roof maintenance tips.

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Check your flat roof periodically.

A roof inspection is something most homeowners neglect to do, thinking it isn’t an important part of their roof maintenance. But in reality, this is one of the best ways to ensure you are on top of any issues with your roof. As the saying goes, “prevention is ALWAYS better than cure”. And when it comes to your roof, prevention is CHEAPER than cure.

Have your roof checked at least 3 times a year. If you’re in an area where there are a lot of trees, you may want to do it more often. You also need to inspect your roof after a heavy snowfall in the winter and after rainfall during the summer.

During your periodic inspection keep an eye on the following:

  • Pooling water
  • Blisters
  • Holes
  • Soft areas or damaged insulation
  • Cracks
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One important thing when doing these inspections is to KEEP SAFE.

Keep it clean.

Obviously, flat roofs collect debris far easier than slanted roofs so it requires more attention. The good thing about flat roofs though is that it’s easier and safer to walk than slanted roofs making the clean up easier as well. It is important though that you be careful not to damage your flat roof.

The best times to get the job done is before and after winter. Simply clear the leaves, dirt, and anything on the roof with a broom.

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Trim trees nearby.

Trimming trees nearby will save you from more dirt on your flat roof as well as it will prevent branches from falling onto your roof that may cause severe damage.

Keep an eye for leaks and deal with it promptly.

If you noticed a crack or leak, call a professional roofer and have them evaluate the situation as well as perform repairs if needed. Roof leaks shouldn’t be taken lightly and need urgent attention as it may cause more serious damage that will require expensive repairs or worst, replacement.

Watch your flat roof weight.

Excessive snow and ice build up on your flat roof can actually cause your roof to collapse, especially if it wasn’t installed properly. But even if it is, serious damage to your roof isn’t impossible if you neglect the excessive weight on top. The best thing to do is to ensure you are aware of how much weight your flat roof can safely manage.

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Have a good drainage system.

Pooling water is a sign that your drainage system isn’t as effective as it should be. So, be sure to check for any alterations or blockages to your gutters and downspouts.

Negligence is the most common reason why flat roofs are problematic. So be sure you don’t make the same mistake.

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