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Proven Ways For Moving Companies To Get Leads

1. Local SEO for Moving Leads
Most of us, when we moving service, instinctively turn to Google to consider one in our area. Google is the gold mine for getting Best Moving Leads Providers.

Local SEO is the advertising method that works best for moving companies. The goal of Local SEO is to rank your business in the “Local 3-pack” where in fact the most optimized companies are displayed.
2. Referrals = Faster Growth
Now that you have customers rolling in from Local SEO, it’s time to:

Make a good impression
Provide the quality of service they expect
Convert your customers into loyalists
Give your customers grounds to book your service, then suggest to them that you’re a professional so you do your job with passion. Which will easily turn them into loyalists and they’ll be much very likely to call you the next time they require your service.

After completing a relocation, always give your client your business card. By doing this, you leave some your business with them. The power is boosting brand awareness, as well as your chances to be labeled a possible client.

Remember, you must first encourage visitors to refer others to your business, so provide them with a reason to do so.

A rewarding system is a great way to motivate that kind of behavior. Discounts are always a great learn to encourage people to refer you to their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., because let’s be honest, who doesn’t such as a great bargain?

3. Branding Is a Must for Moving Companies
Trucks as branding

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The first thing you should give attention to when starting a moving business is establishing your brand.

Having an easily distinguishable brand image, slogan, and logo is essential, especially in an industry where you are driving around town all day. Be recognizable, make sure people see your message, and in the foreseeable future, will have them more likely to remember you when they need your services.

Don’t be surprised when direct moving leads start coming for you. It’s all because of your effort to brand your trucks, buy branded eye-catching crew uniforms, hand out your business card, etc.

When It comes to branding your trucks, it’s important to add your small business name, main services, phone number, and website (if you have one). Use big letters and numbers, in support of are the essential information so someone seeing you drive around town can remember who you are.

4. Do Business With Home Realtors, Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Property Managers
You can target professionals involved with renting or selling homes for referral leads for your moving company. Those are usually verified and trusted lead sources that promise long-term to generate leads if you play your cards right.

Homes are being bought and rented out every day, right?

And people need their belongings moved from point A to B. And the answer to this is?


Networking with realtors and professionals involved with home selling or renting can be carried out through Facebook, LinkedIn, and real estate events. Find people who curently have contacts in the real estate industry to help you get more moving leads. Connections are key to success!

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Offer realtors a tiny referral payment as it will incentivize them to partner along!

5. Do Business With Storage Facilities
Many people move in and out of storage facilities, however, many moving service to help them with it. That being said, you may easily contact storage area facilities in your area or, better yet, walk into one and directly speak with the one who manages it. Introduce yourself along with your company, then ask politely if they can refer visitors to you for a tiny sendral fee. It’s the same process as it is with realtors and property managers.

Storage facilities are a great way to obtain getting affordable moving leads. Also, don’t forget to thank people for the referrals you’ll get. You can always do it by sending a message or a handwritten note, calling them, or showing up with some snacks and coffee. Always make an effort to maintain positive relationships with those who refer others to your business. Do this by demonstrating your respect and gratitude because of their contribution.

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