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3 Great Reasons to Choose a Moon Lamp and 6 Essential Factors to Consider while Buying One

It’s wonderful that although we see moon and its light so many times, we find it charming every time and its magic seems to be unending. When we get a chance to roam outside our house in the moonlight, we watch the gleaming celestial ball in awe and wish that we could have it in our hands. Well, while it’s not possible for you to handle the enormous globe, its tiny version can fulfill your dream – the moon lamp!

What is a Moon Lamp?

Moon lamp presented by moon lamps Australia is a lamp that resembles the original moon. It’s made so by using the 3D printing technology and layer-by-layer stacks that create the appearance of the moon. The lamps are designed in such a way that it depicts the texture and shape exactly like the images of moon acquired by the NASA, with its spots, craters and radiation of light. Thus, when you place the moon lamp in your room, you will get the feel that the real moon has come into your room to radiate its soft light.

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The purpose of moon lamp is to provide extreme relaxation and elevate your mood anytime. But moon is not available every time when you are in need of relaxation. But you can have the moon lamp in your room and get the desired feel.

Why Should You Use a Moon Lamp?

It’s a Perfect Gift

Moon lamps can serve the purpose of a very pleasant, elegant and subtle home décor. It can be added to the beauty of any room of your home. Lunar Effects offers four different lamps – 8cm, 12cm, 15cm and 20cm. Each one is named after the Gailian moons of Jupiter – Europa, IO, Callisto and Ganymede. They ensure every lamp comes with a laser engraved wooden stand with the Lunar Effects logo one side and the name of the moon on the other. They make the perfect gift for anyone, your partner, friend or any near and dear one, on birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries and so on. It can even be a great gift for a child who has newly started learning about the moon.

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Changing Colours

The moon lamp doesn’t necessarily have to create a romantic atmosphere. It has an ability to change colour as per your wish and you can get soft, glowing white light from it to create a feeling of being in an ancient monastery and surrounded by the hallowed serenity and sacredness, when you want to meditate or spend your time in true relaxation.

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Seamless and Sleek Touch Switch and USB Charger

We are talking about an excellent product here named Lunar Effects the moon lamps of which have a sleek and seamless touch switch with which you can switch the lamp on or off, dim or brighten the light of the moon lamp and change its colour. You can charge it with a USB cable and while charging it will look blue. It comes with a convenient smartly crafted stand on which you can place the lamp or hang it to get the feeling of the real moon in the sky.

How to Choose the Best Moon Lamp?

There are certain factors you can consider to get your hands on the best moon lamp.

Built-in Safety Battery

The built-in safety battery is one of the most important factors to look for in the moon lamp. If this is rechargeable, you don’t have to open the lamp and replace the old battery with a new one again and again. The built-in battery can be recharged and once it’s fully charged, it can go for hours. Consider buying moon lamps Australia for this feature.

Quality of Light

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You want the light of moon in your home; so, obviously you have to choose the best quality bulb so that you can get the desired quality of light and the bulb will conserve your power. Also make sure the lamp will give you different colours of light for the respective effects on different times of the day and different occasions, such as while taking dinner, sleeping, telling bedtime stories to kids etc.

Eco-friendly Material

Another most important factor to consider is that whether the moon lamp is made of a material that is certified as eco-friendly. If the materials are toxic and harmful to the environment, it’s better not to use the moon lamp because it can cause harm to yours and your family’s health and also to the environment. Hence make sure about the eco-friendliness of the material like the one used in Lunar Effects moon lamps.

Brightness and Dimness

You should look for a moon lamp that can be adjusted properly for dimness and brightness so that there should be no too much of light or no too little. It should be just right for your needs.

The light of the moon lamp should also be such that it will cover the entire room effectively so that you can enjoy it from anywhere in the room and you won’t need other lights for your needs e.g. for reading or while performing your bedtime skincare routine.

All in all, the moon lamp should provide you adequate light and should add to the beauty of your décor.

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Charging Port

The charging port of the moon lamp is at its bottom from where the battery can be charged. If you want to maximise your enjoyment of the full moon with a seamless construction, look for a charging port that is not too wide or too large. Thus it should be small enough to give you the look of the completely round shape of the real moon. There should be no stitching traces as the moon is made of one moulding and the port should appear very small but will be accessible. Look for example the moon lamps by moon lamps Australia where the charging port is very small and so, the lamp looks exactly like the real moon.

Exact Looks of Real Moon

Since you will be buying the moon lamp to simulate the real moon, the texture of these lamps is another most important factor to consider, i.e. you have to look for the best and clearest texture that will exactly resemble the look of the real moon. There are several 3D lamps that are made with a wrong surface design and don’t look like the moon or cannot emit the desired light properly. You should look for a lamp that is correctly based on the images of moon from the NASA and have the original look and texture of the moon surface.

Consider these points and you’ll have the best moon lamp in your home which will give you the true feel of real moonlight. Have you started looking for a perfect moon lamp?

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