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The Difference Between Removals Services and Man with a Van Service

Removals services and the man with a van service are both removal services. But, what is the difference? It all comes down to the type of removal you need and the type of removal service that will suit your needs best. We’ll highlight a few noteworthy differences between removals services and the man with a van service to make it easier for you to choose movers.

Removal Services:

  • Removals services are typically used for larger moves. Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, removal services will have the manpower and equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. They’ll also likely have insurance coverage in case any of your belongings are damaged during transport.
  • Removals can be scheduled in advance. This is because removal companies have very specific routes and schedules that they need to stick to. 
  • Removals services usually require you to pay the removal company in advance while the man with a van service provider will typically only request payment once they arrive at your destination and complete their work.
  • Removals services are more likely to be able to offer moving insurance coverage in case of damage or loss during transportation
  • Removals services are typically more expensive than the man with a van service. This is because removal companies have the manpower, equipment, and insurance to complete your move safely and efficiently. 
  • For removal companies, the price you pay is largely based on how much space your belongings take up in their vehicle.

Man with a Van Sevice:

  • Man with a van service is best suited for small moves, like moving within the same city. Man with van services is usually operated by individuals or small businesses that own and operate their vans. They’re capable of carrying most items you’d need to move though not all removal companies have access to larger vehicles such as removal trucks.
  • Man with a van service may not always have the insurance coverage you require, especially for international moves or large items such as pianos.
  • The man with a van service to have larger vehicles that can transport larger, heavier items. For example, removal companies often have trucks that can transport pianos while the man with vans do not.
  • For the man with a van service provider, the cost of transport and removal services are typically not related to weight or volume size but rather by time spent completing your job. So for example, if it takes an hour for two men with a van to move your items from A to B, then you’ll be charged for two hours of removal services.
  • Qualification is a question of performance when it comes to the man with a van service. Yes, they may give it their all, but they may lack the qualifications to back it up. This, however, may differ from one company to the next. Some man-with-a-van moving companies are picky about who they choose.
  • The man with van services is typically scheduled on-demand, and they can be called upon last minute if need.
  • The man with a van service provider. Man with van services typically doesn’t cover your belongings if they’re damaged or lost during transport.
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It’s important you know the difference between the man with a van service and removal services so that you can choose movers best suited for your removal needs. If you’re moving across town or to another state removal services will be more expensive but can get the job done efficiently and safely. If you’re looking for removal company quotes, find out how much it costs to hire removal companies here.

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