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Why You Should Use Heavy Duty & Pallet Racks

Heavy duty shelving is often made use of in blended storing arrangements that integrate shelving with pallet racking for optimizing the storage facility racking capacity and operating procedures. In blended storage systems, the top ranks are used for holding palletized supply and the bottom ranks have shelves to house stock designed for the hands-on picking.

Read this article to find out about the various characteristics and attributes of a heavy duty rack and its subset known as the pallet rack.

Ideally Fitted for

  • Various products with split turnover
  • Combined storage system for palletized and non-palletized goods


  • Optimal usage of storing area
  • Steady, Scalable and flexible design solutions
  • Large range of vertical and beam sections to accommodate one of the most demanding lots
  • Easy to take apart, move or reconfigure
  • Flexible shelving with 50 mm pitch
  • Wide variety of add-ons versatile to your requirements
  • Ideal storing system for extensive product types with split turnover
  • Complete range of shelf decking types to select from, like, plain steel, wire mesh, perforated steeland wood decking.

One such solution is that of pallet racks. Depending upon the item that you will be stashing, your application might call for a type of pallet rack. Yet prior to deciding on which of these type ideally fits your application, it is essential to read more regarding each type and comprehend the pros and cons of each.

A closer look at pallet racks

A Pallet rack is the hard carry of the modern storage facility. It is the biggest and toughest sort of commercial shelving in the industry. It is suitable for palletized lots in locations where a huge quantity of supply is being held. Typically, stock on pallet racks is packed and unloaded with a forklift and is held either on pallets or in high upright stacks of single products.

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Pallet racks are very flexible and can be personalized to fit basically any kind of room or application. Nearly all commercial warehouses and circulation centers use pallet rack because of its customizability, high capacity and ease of accessibility for quick loading and unloading of stock.

There are numerous various ranges of pallet rack, including: Discerning Rack, Drive In/Drive Thru Shelf, Flow Rack, Push Back Rack, Cantilever Rack and Gliding Rack. If your application involves a high quantity of inventory or if the stock is specifically heavy, pallet rack may be the most effective solution for you.

How pallet racks differ from traditional shelving

If you have 2 levels per bay– meaning only 4 different products per bay, compare this to basic pallet shelf storage– possibly as many as 4 pallets per bay. Even if you fill that bay with flow shelf or pick shelving, you’re still restricted to just so many ports– say, 15 to 20 at most.

Suppose you could increase those ports depth-wise? Currently you have cubic thickness instead of just elevation and width– offering you the space for numerous ports. There’s no chance to do that with traditional pallet shelf storing approaches.

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