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Every year Americans spent around $67B on kitchen products shows focus solely on kitchen remodeling ideas and projects.

Chicago is a home to bustling commerce and modern trends, historic and new architecture, and Southern cuisine and hospitality. It’s no surprise that dozens of Illinois contractors are honored each year for their creative and impressive work remodeling kitchens in the metropolitan Chicago area. This is a list of some of the most recognized building companies that work on single-family residential kitchen remodeling projects in and around Chicago. They were chosen for the awards their kitchen remodels and renovations have received through prestigious organizations, for the high-quality work they do in upscale areas, and for the experience, affiliations, and credentials of their teams.

Bath and Kitchen Experts is known for its high number of kitchen projects in popular Chicagoland neighborhoods, Naperville, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Schaumburg, Addison and among other locations.

Kitchens, the center of most family and recreational gatherings, should be beautiful and functional, a source of convenience and also of pride. Each remodel project comes to life under the supervision of a project developer, designer, project manager, account manager, and customer service representative, plus an assigned superintendent who oversees large projects.

Kitchen and Bath Exper establishes the optimal team for each remodel project during a pre-construction meeting, after the company has an understanding of the homeowner’s unique preferences. The company asks the homeowners if they plan to stay in the house long-term, if they are a single-cook household, and if those preparing meals need easy access to other rooms in the house, perhaps to supervise children while cooking, and so on. The company aims to design kitchens not just for today, but rather for what each homeowner’s future requires.

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