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The Advantages of Automatic Gate Openers

Whether you’re creating a new home, landscaping your yard or seeking to improve security for your business, an automatic gate system offers a variety of benefits for homes and businesses. From convenience to improved safety and security, we’re going to run you through some of the great things about automated gates. For more information, get hold of your local fencing supplier.

With an automated gate system, you’ll do not have to worry about forgetting to close or lock the gate. The gates can be programmed to close behind every entrant and include computerized locking mechanisms. That is ideal for home gates, but also is effective for commercial or business gates which may be dealing with high degrees of traffic.

An computerized gate system is generally designed to be difficult to open manually. So even if someone does get past the gates, it’ll be difficult for them to open the gate to get out. This adds an extra degree of protection for your automobile and an extra deterrent to car thieves. The extra degree of security an automated gate system offers could even end up saving you money on your vehicle and home insurance.

Electric Gates

Your fence and gate system isn’t just about keeping people out. With regards to home safety, also, they are very important to keeping things in. Accidentally leaving the gate open often means hours spent looking for pets which may have elope. An open gate could also mean your kids running out in to the street, playing where they shouldn’t be or getting lost. With an computerized gate system, you don’t need to worry about pets or kids escaping . because the gate will automatically close and lock behind you each and every time.

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These gate systems are also constructed with auto-reverse functionality which means you don’t need to worry about the gate closing on children or pets or damaging your vehicle. Using either laser or pressure sensor systems, the closing gate will automatically reverse direction if it detects any obstacles in the closing path.

Electric Gate Opener
With manually operated gates, you will need to escape the car each and every time to open and close the gates. This may often lead to simply leaving the gate available to avoid this inconvenience. But with an programmed gate, there’s no need to enter and from the car to open and close the gate. That is particularly convenient during heavy rain or storms.

With an programmed gate system, you can also open your gate in the house in the event you will need to let visitors in without leaving the home.

For businesses, you can control the gates with sensors or remote controls, meaning you don’t have to worry about physically opening the gates each and every time a person or delivery arrives.

System Flexibility
Automated gate systems can be found with a number of customisable design options to fit your home or business. These include various opening mechanisms, swipe cards, keypads, proximity sensors, motion sensors or remote controls.

Addititionally there is a variety of gate styles available including sliding gates, single and double swing gates, bi-fold gates and telescopic gates. An automated opening system could even be retro-fitted to your existing gates.

Whatever type of driveway you have, whether it’s steep or curved, gravel or paved, an automated gate system can be custom made to suit the area.

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