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Reasons To Buy a Home

You have probably heard the advice of family and friends. But, you might still be wondering if you should buy a home. You are not unusual to make reservations. It is normal to have reservations about buying a home. However, it’s a good idea to double-check everything.

Here are great reasons to we buy houses Philadelphia

The Key Takeaways
Although buying a home can be a major decision, there are many reasons you should do so.
You can enjoy the pride of ownership, the appreciation of your home and possible property tax deductions.
Other benefits include capital gains exclusion, preferential treatment in tax, building equity through mortgage loss, and equity loans.
Pride in Ownership

The number one reason people love their home is because of their pride in ownership. This allows you to paint your walls any color, change your music, attach permanent fixtures and decorate your home as you like.

Your family will also feel secure and stable when you own your home. It’s investing in your future—equity that will grow with you the longer you are in the home.


Apart from pride in ownership, it is important to recognize another benefit. While real estate prices fluctuate in cycles, housing has remained stable and appreciated over time. The Federal Housing Finance Agency monitors the movement of single-family home prices across the country. Its House Price Index This chart shows the changes in each region and metropolitan area and allows you to track how home prices have increased over time.

Mortgage Interest Deductions

The tax rates for homeowners favor homeownership, which is a great tax shelter. Sometimes the mortgage interest deduction can outweigh the desire to own your home and take pride in it. Mortgage interest can be fully deducted from your tax return as long as it is less than the value of your home.1 Your largest expense is interest. This component will make up a significant portion of the time that you are paying down your mortgage. mortgage payment.

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Capital Gains Exclusion

Both the use and ownership test must be met (from the tax code). The home must have been your primary residence for at least two of the last five years. You don’t need to pass both the use and ownership tests in the same time period. Both must take place within the 5-year period.3

Preferential tax treatment

Capital gains are any profit that exceeds the allowed exclusion on your home’s sale price. This profit is considered capital gain as long as your home remains in your family for at least one year. Capital gains enjoy a preferential tax treatment than income tax. The exclusion does not apply to capital gains. This means that the taxable portion of your profits will be less than you might expect.

Mortgage Reduction Increases Equity

A portion of your monthly payments is applied each month to your loan’s principal balance. This reduces your obligation. This is how it works amortization Your monthly payment is split so that more goes to the principal and less goes to interest. The principal amount is determined by the ratio of the first payment to the last. Equity is built with each payment.

Equity Loans

Consumers who have credit card balances cannot subtract the interest paid. This can lead to a significant increase in cost, as high as 18%-22%. Equity loan interest Often, it is much lower. It makes sense for many homeowners to pay off their consumer debts with equity. home equity loan.

The bottom line

You have many responsibilities when you own a home. It is wise to be prepared before you purchase your first home. It has many advantages, as you can see. Consider all the pros and disadvantages before you buy your first house.

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