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Real Estate Agents Promote Their Businesses with Custom Lapel Pins

It wasn’t that long ago that business cards were the currency of the real estate industry. Whenever you’ve gone “house shopping” you would probably see a wide array of business cards, from real estate agents, spread out on the kitchen counter. If you didn’t remember this then you’ve probably guessed what we did as well, that business cards are not exactly memorable. Color printed, flimsy and thin, business cards are being replaced with more substantial give-aways – the custom enamel pin.

These metal tokens can be pinned onto one’s clothing, sure, but more and more you’ll see them tacked onto corkboards, pinned to documents and given away to prospective buyers. As a real estate agent you can be assured that your leads will have a hard time forgetting about you and your business with a custom enamel pin. It’s part of the human psyche to value metal over most everything else, especially paper. Metal inherently conveys quality and value and your customers will feel the investment you have in them, by gifting them an enamel pin, is more so than that of other agents. Almost guaranteeing your name at the forefront of their mind. And that, that is priceless.

You might ask, can you do put everything a business card contains onto a small piece of metal? That’s a great question and the answer to it is yes! Stop overwhelming your clients and instead give them concise information on your customized pin. On a typical business card you might see a logo, a name, a business name, mailing address, fax number, phone number, mobile number, email address and website URL. We are a digital generation and a URL contains, likely, all of your contact information. A customized enamel pin should have your logo, name, website URL and maybe your phone number. That will cover all the bases and at the same time it will keep your design classy and attractive instead of a confusing mess.

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So where do you go about getting a custom enamel pin for your business? Look no further than Pincious.com. Their experience and talent are beyond measure so reach out to them and start the easy process of a custom lapel pin today. They’ll need the following bits of information from you:

    • Your Full Name
    • Your Business Name
    • Your Logos and Colors
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Website URL

With that, expect them to create a free lapel pin design along with a no-obligation price quote! Here’s to higher closing rates and customer retention with the industry secret of custom enamel pins.

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