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Moving Plants to Your New Home

Before beginning the process, prepare your plants by giving them fresh water a few hours before starting your moving trip. The Equipment and materials you have to arrange include Equipment / Tools, Permanent marker, Garden gloves, Plant, Paper towel, Plastic wrap or bag, Newspaper or packing paper, Rubber band, Corrugated cardboard box, and Packing tape.

Give your plants a trim to make them ready for their new residence and water your plant again, then use a trowel to insert a ring around the plant and do it carefully without making a risk of cutting them from the root.  Remove the plant from earth and immediately place it in a pot with soil or You can also wrap the base of the plant in a damp burlap sack. The uprooting stage is one of the most hectic process in moving but to ease this; you should water your plant again before digging them up.

After completion of this process, take your plant in your car if possible. If you want to move them by using a moving truck, pack them carefully so you can get them off immediately after the moving process.  If you have tomato moving plants, then you must have to place them back in the ground as soon as possible; otherwise, you would have to face very unexpected results so a better approach is to quickly dig a temporary trench that you can use to house your plant until the actual place gets ready for them. Water the trench heavily, mix wood chips in it with the soil and place the plant into the hole, then cover it by using fresh soil. If you are still confused how to safely move your plants Long-distance movers who can assist you throughout your moving plan.

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