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Modern and contemporary ceiling design for home interiors

Ceilings are not exactly the main detail that you pay attention to when you first enter a house, but they do have a major impact in maintaining a sense of freedom and space. Everybody knows that these are vital if you want to create that particularly welcoming feeling! A room with low ceilings may give you the impression of living in a small bird cage.

If we were to talk about the psychological effects, it is said that low ceilings often provide a low state of mind. But this is another story. What we know for sure is that they were always a challenge for interior designers. If you ever encounter this problem, we have some useful tips for you. For more information Visit – interior design Bangkok

  1. Try uplighting

This is one of the best solutions if you want to make your ceiling look higher. Don’t be afraid to use your walls! Wall lighting fixtures will generate a warm, beautiful atmosphere to help you to enjoy your home to the fullest.

  1. Be careful the type of furniture you select

Usually, whenever we choose the furniture for our home, we make possibilities predicated on appearance, without considering efficiency. Low profile furniture is properly made for low ceiling homes, because it escalates the space between your ceiling and the ground, making the area feel more spacious and breezy.

  1. Use glass wall space or floor to roof windows

As being a mirror, glass gets the property of reflecting things around. That’s why a cup wall or a sizable window will raise the sense of space and can provide natural daylight. Brighter is always better, especially in conditions of home design.

  1. Decorate your wall space with vertical stripes
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We don’t especially enjoy designing my wall space with stripes, but sometimes it could be necessary. You are able to select from using wallpaper, or, if you are fearless enough (and talented), you can merely paint them on your own.

  1. Raise doorways to roof height

We bet you never considered that! In most cases, interior doorways have almost the same size. A floor to roof door may appear strange initially. However, we should admit that is an excellent idea to make the illusion of the generous space.

  1. Hang picture frames a little higher to the ceiling

For the great result use vertical framed pictures or paintings. The wall space can look taller, therefore the distance between the ceiling and floor will also seem higher.

  1. Paint the ceiling lighter than the walls

Lighter ceilings create an imposing effect and shape the illusion of a big and bright space. A dark colored floor will also do the trick!

  1. Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as you possibly can.

Long curtains will always emphasize length. Even if the windows are small, floor-to-ceilings curtains will unveil magnificent features of the room that you were not aware of.

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