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Advantages of an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are known for their ornate designs, superb craftsmanship, and their value that increases with age as well as wear, but perhaps you have ever considered the other reasons why Oriental rugs are so important in home décor?

What is it about Oriental rugs that make them so special, and precisely what are some of the advantages of owning one, apart from their decorative value?

Oriental rugs add real elegance to any space, and their unique hand-knotted character makes them stick out. Oriental rugs have been a symbol of status and wealth for centuries. With a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to see why the oriental rug is one of the most popular home décor items on the market. They are one of the most expensive furniture that you may buy, nonetheless they also offer many benefits such as increased comfort, better quality of air, and an increase in home value. Here are ten reasons why you should purchase an Oriental rug!

Provide Exceptional Warmth
If you have hardwood floors, you understand how cold they can feel when you walk barefoot. Placing an Oriental rug over your hardtimber floor will help maintain your feet warm and also keep the room insulated from chills. The best Oriental rugs are made from wool or silk, both of which provide exceptional warmth that helps keep you and your family warm. Wool increases results just for this particular purpose, but silk wears well and helps retain heat too.

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Create A Focal Point In The Room
If your home is furnished with relatively simple furniture, an Oriental rug can help anchor these pieces and bring an urgent pop of color that will spice up the room. Because Oriental rugs are woven with a multitude of colors that tend to work well with other furniture pieces, your rug would be the showpiece of the room it’s in, so long as the colors meld well with the furniture. Because so many Oriental rugs are also antiques, these kinds of rugs work very well with antique furnishings and much more traditional parts of home décor.

Divide A Room Beautifully
Using dividers to break up a sizable room into smaller spaces can do the project but the result can look cramped and unsightly. Placing rugs to divide the room instead, helps you reach your desired look without crowding the space. Instead, the rugs become beautiful boundaries for every space.

Add Colorful Art To Blank Walls
Smaller Oriental rugs or rugs with a tiny yet unique form make delightful wall hangings, which is more advanced than any paint job or fancy frame you may ever imagine. Because so several pieces are hand-made and one-of-a-kind, they make unique wall membrane accents that will definitely be conversation portions.

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Fill Up An Empty Space Or HIDE Faulty Flooring
Large bare spaces can make your home look cold and uninviting but buying furniture just to complete the empty spaces can work out to be an expensive undertaking. Using an oriental rug to hide the clear space is not simply a less expensive option, it will also add more character and color to the area.

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Placing an oriental rug more than a faulty area of flooring is also easier, and cheaper than looking to get it repaired.

Oriental rugs from Rug Source are important investment pieces that can help tie an area together, if you’re lucky enough to have one as part of your inheritance, you can make use of it as a conversation piece if you have a party or have friends over. These lovely carpets are filled with color, warmth, and history, and each one is a unique addition to any room or house. Providing warmth and softness, making use of your Oriental rug as a floor covering or wall hanging is sure to include value and sophistication to your home.

An Oriental rug adds warmth, sophistication, and style to any home. It will always be a welcome addition, and if you are starting from scratch with a new home or furniture, an excellent Oriental Rug is the perfect beginning. But visual appeal is not the only good thing about decorating your home with an oriental rug. In addition being a masterpiece of design that greatly enhances any room or furniture, oriental rugs:

Have a good resale value
Have a long life
Move with you if you move
Are still made by hand
Organize space and act as a non-physical room divider
Are made with natural fibers
Absorb sound
Cushion you if you fall
Can stay in the family for generations
Have mystique
Buying an Oriental Rug from David Tiftickjian & Sons is educational and fun. There is a lot to learn when selecting an Oriental Rug and we assist each customer based on their aesthetics and budget concerns. Visit either of our two locations and begin your journey to finding the perfect rug.

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