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Major Advantages of Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Might you trust your Mercedes Benz or BMW to any roadside mechanic or could you rather take it to a repair center that specializes in those brands of automobiles? Your website is a lot like an automobile – used properly it can help drive your business frontward. Unlike an automobile that depreciates as time passes, your website will regularly add value to your business. Thus, if you want your website to execute optimally, you should have it hosted with a program that specializes in its system.

When it comes to websites, WordPress is the brand that is synonymous with performance. Businesses trust WordPress more than some other platform for boosting their existence on the web.
When you have an online site that is powered by WordPress, your business is in good hands – the best in the business! It only makes good business sense to get your WordPress website under the caution and maintenance of a company that specializes in this phenomenal CMS platform.

Enter managed WordPress hosting services.

Managed WordPress Hosting – THE FACTS?
An internet host service provider is a company that provides the technology and services that allow the website to be accessed on the web. These services use powerful computers called servers to host your website.

The assets of your website – content, graphics, audio tracks files, databases, and images – are stored in these servers. If someone wants to access your website, all he must do is type your URL or website address in his browser.

Once the Internet individual launches his search query, his computer will hook up to the server as well as your webpage will be delivered via his browser.

You can read more about web hosting services inside our article “How To Choose Your HOSTING COMPANY”.

A managed WordPress hosting service is web hosting that is designed specifically to aid the needs of any WordPress website.

From servers to the client support staff that the company hires, everything is tailor-made to guarantee the WordPress websites are functioning at optimal levels and easily accessible to Internet surfers.

Furthermore, managed WordPress hosting includes services designed to relieve the dog owner from the tasks involved with managing his website so they can focus on the core activities of the business.

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What Are ADVANTAGES Of Using Managed WordPress Hosting FEMALE Business?
If you’re building an internet occurrence for your business with WordPress, registering for a WordPress hosting service is a very important thing you can do to ensure the performance, safety, and security of your website.

1. Have YOUR WEBSITE Managed by WordPress Experts
You can’t have the term “managed” beside WordPress hosting services if you don’t have individuals who are trained, experienced, and also have the requisite skills to manage your WordPress website.

Put simply, when you sign up for managed WordPress hosting services, you are leaving your WordPress website in the very capable and highly-qualified hands of professionals.

Other web hosting platforms will provide you support for your WordPress website but their competencies and expertise are limited. They may well not have the level of WordPress proficiency to tell apart a conflict between plugins and a full-blown problem with the servers.

Managed WordPress hosting services will also start their toolbox and utilize all the various tools of the trade to prioritize the needs of an WordPress website. For instance, you’ll get usage of 24/7 customer care and have an IT expert close at hand whenever your website incurs trouble.

2. Optimal Site Performance and Fast Download Speed
For the reason that the complete technology of a managed WordPress hosting services provider is tailor-made for a WordPress website, you will be assured that your website will be jogging optimally with faster download speed and improved uptime.

You may avail of features that can further enhance the performance of your website like a CDN or Content Delivery Network which ensures the fast delivery of your content anywhere in the world.

Gradual download time will donate to poor customer experience and lead to foregone revenues and a tarnished reputation. With handled WordPress hosting services, you no longer have to get worried about users abandoning your website since it had taken more than 3 seconds to download.

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Extreme WordPress care – what types of plans you can expect
3. Worry-Free Site Management Experience
Think about a managed WordPress hosting service as a one-stop-shop for your entire WordPress website needs. It’s the only hub for your website; there is no need to go in one provider to some other or even to change configurations and setups. The hosting service is focused on everything WordPress.

If your business is in “growth mode” therefore you will work with several new clients, having hosted services specific to your WordPress website will need the responsibility of managing the website for you.

In our case, we primarily use the services of GoDaddy for these features.

As the net host, GoDaddy supplies the regime backups and the programmed WordPress core file updates however the company will not touch the plugins.

We offer our clients another service that manages managing and updating the plugins as well as protecting the other top features of the website.

4. Incorporate WordPress-Specific Security Measures
The risk of cyber-attacks can be an everyday reality. Just because you haven’t been hacked does not mean you never will. Don’t wait to be always a statistic. You should prioritize the security and integrity of your website.

Cyber-criminals are trying to stay one step before cyber-security measures. Being a business owner, it’s very hard to keep up with the latest security updates.

With Managed WordPress hosting services, you will be assured that they take the security of the server very seriously. They work hard to safeguard the server from intruders.

However, server level security is not enough to keep you secure. There must be security features on your website as well. We take website security very really.

For our clients on our Extreme WordPress Care Ideas, we’ve taken it after ourselves to regularly update the security features and also to update the mandatory plugins to ensure the client’s website is protected to the server level.

You could have peace of mind knowing these security measures will be installed when they can be found.

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5. Add SSL Certificates With Just a few Clicks
SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificates are no more just the concern of e-commerce websites. Effective previous July 2018, Yahoo announced SSL Certificates as mandatory for websites.

In case your website doesn’t have SSL Certificates, visitors will be greeted by the dreaded 2 words “Not Secure”.

Consequently, your drive to go up the search engine rankings will be derailed because the internet search engine giant included SSL Certificates as a ranking factor in its search algorithm.

A managed WordPress hosting service can make it easier that you can have SSL Certificates for your website. With most hosting platforms, acquiring the SSL Certificates will need time.

However, supervised WordPress hosting services have partnered up with SSL Certificate providers to make the process easier and faster. It takes just a few clicks to own that much sought-after green padlock put into your URL.

As we like to say, your website is your business address on the web. Configuring it using the WordPress CMS program is a superb idea. You are relocating the right direction!

Therefore, you must ensure that it is managed properly. Being a business owner, your time and efforts is best focused on managing the jobs that donate to your important thing. The very last thing you would want is usually to be thrown a curveball in your schedule because your WordPress website ran into server issues.

Signing up for maintained WordPress hosting services will put your website under the guidance of the very most qualified people on the market. Professionals who’ve the requisite skills, knowledge, experience, and skills to give your WordPress website the perfect environment to ensure top-level performance.

One of the primary benefits of having a site is that you have a version of your business which is open 24/7. Folks from worldwide can access your website and find out more about your business; its products and services.

With managed WordPress hosting services, you can sleep soundly understanding that your business is open, customers are perusing through your articles, as well as your assets are secured and protected.

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