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How Are Vinyl Windows Made?

Before looking at the creation process of vinyl windows, it is important to understand what they are and how they defer from other window types. The difference is in the material choice. Most windows are made of glass surrounded by a frame made of wood, likeĀ Marvin Windows Chicago. Other parts of the window are usually also surrounded by the frame.

Some windows are created using vinyl as the framing material instead. This is what is known as a vinyl window. Now that you know what these windows are, it is time to review the process that goes into making them.

The Frame

The making of vinyl windows begins with the making of the frame. The frame is composed of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a synthetic plastic polymer. The frame is cut based on the desired measurements of the window. Next, small hardware pieces are secured to the frame, and holes are then drilled to allow moisture to exit the frame.

Heat is then applied to melt corner pieces together. The melting process does not result in an aesthetically pleasing look and so a machine cleans up and fine tunes the edges. The next step is to install spacers for the window screen.

The Screen

Screen placement is the next step of the process. It is fitted into the frame using a piece of rubber with a special tool. Installing it this way prevents it from falling out.

The Sash

The sash (inner frame) pieces are cut and required seals are added. Hardware is then affixed to the sash in order to allow movement within the outer frame.

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The Glass

The glass is the next piece to be added to the mix. The required measurements of glass are cut out and installed within the sash, which is then added to the outer frame.

Sealing Hardware

The final piece of the puzzle is the sealing hardware, which is put in after all the other pieces are together. The point of this hardware is to hold everything together, and to ensure that movement only happens in the intended ways.

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