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DeWalt DWS779 Guide and Features

The Dewalt DWS779 is a trusted sliding substance miter saw created for precision and arriving at a competitive price. Having less a few important features helps it be more ideal for the novice woodworker than for the pro; non-etheless, We found it to be always a reliable tool that withstands high-volume applications, which are designed for large bits of stock.

Powerful and fast, this machine can cut through solid wood easily, and with the right knife, it may also handle alternate materials.

The DeWalt DWS779 has many excellent features


Dewalt is renowned as a reliable producer of power tools, and its own Dewalt DWS779 doesn’t disappoint. This tool comes with a trusted 15-Amp engine that produces sufficient capacity to drive the knife at high rates of speed.

In comparison to most miter saws on the marketplace, the DWS779 is one of the very most powerful.

This results in the capability of managing harder stock or alternate materials like metal and but also bigger, thicker workpieces and plastic material.


What I discovered during my many years of practice is that high-capacity electric motor typically means high-speed timber cutting tools. As well as the DWS779 certainly doesn’t enable you to down upon this.

The powerful electric motor upon this miter noticed spins the cutter up to 3, 800 revolutions each and every minute (RPM), a swiftness high enough to cut through gentle and hardwood, steel, plastic, and light weight aluminum like a blade through melted butter.

We liked the swiftness is adjustable, therefore you can choose the best RPM to complement the needs of your slicing project.

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Possibly the feature that impressed me the most is the high capacity this tool has. Most slipping miter saws are designed for lumber up to 12 in. wide, however the DWS779 can in fact deal with workpieces measuring up to 2×16 inches for dimensional 90° crosscuts or more to 2×12 inches for 45° bevel cuts.

Combine this with the blade’s capacity for tilting both left and also to the right, and you’ll realize why We’re so keen on this machine.

Other activities We like concerning this unit’s slicing capacity will be the high sliding fences with support crown molding up to 7. 5 in., that guarantee cutting accuracy.


Talking about accuracy, the Dewalt DWS779 excels at it.

The machine posseses an integrated Cutline Cutter Positioning System made to provide adjustment-free lower line signs. This feature ensures trimming precision on all materials and whatever the angle you’re trimming.

Furthermore, dual horizontal metal rails are also made to ensure accuracy because of the progressive trimming system and linear ball bearings.A slight disadvantage is the lack of a LED guide; however, this feature may advantage the beginner but most woodworkers can have the desired effect without it. Truthfully, We didn’t find having less this feature to truly have a major negative effect on my results.

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