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Benefits of Composite Decking

Forever the go-to material for decking has been timber… however in recent times this is increasingly being replaced with composite decking as the material of preference for outdoor spaces. Made to deliver extraordinary durability, easy maintenance and lasting beauty, composite decking offers all the beauty of wood minus the hassles of ongoing upkeep.

“Today’s homeowners want to invest their time enjoying their outdoor living areas – rather than maintaining them,” said Adam Zambanini, vice leader of marketing for Trex, the world’s greatest producer of wood-alternative decking. “High-performance composite decking stands up to weather and day-to-day wear greater than timber. It’s also made from recycled content, rendering it a great choice for today’s eco-conscious consumers.”

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Listed below are five key features of using Composite Decks Sunshine Coast:

* Low-maintenance: With composite decking, you will never need to worry about sanding, staining or painting. Just an intermittent soap-and-water cleaning is all that’s had a need to maintain steadiness and beauty for many years. Quality composite decking even include a 10-25 year Fade and Stain Warranty, ensuring that it is going to look and perform as well as the first day it was installed.

* Toughness: Composite decking is suitable for maximum durability. It resists fading, staining, scratching and mildew, and won’t rot, split or warp. It’s also insect-proof and splinter-free, rendering it safer and convenient for family members with kids and domestic pets.

* Looks: Composite decking varies in their look between different manufactures. Colour options range between deep earth shades of spicy reds and deep browns to dark blacks and weathered greys. In addition to the range of decking looks available, homeowners can also find a broad selection of amalgamated accessories, such as railings, stairs, gates, pergolas and furniture, to make a truly customized yard.

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* Sustainability: Composite decking provides the appearance and feel of wood without environmentally friendly impact. Most decking boards are created using recycled content, including reclaimed industrial solid wood scraps and plastic from common items such as shopping handbags and magazine sleeves.

* Value: Although the original cost of composite decking can be higher, when you consider that the installation time is twice as fast and that there is no initial oiling required the cost works out very comparatively to natural timber decking. In fact, when you add up the savings over time composite decking is obviously the best choice for a new or replacement deck.

High-performance, low-maintenance composite decks combine unprecedented sturdiness and beauty. Being a testament to the product quality and value of the new technology of lumber alternatives available on the market. Over the past 10 years we have seen a huge transformation within the industry and increasing demand for composite decking. This demand has opened the gates to many cheaper composite brands to hit the market. Using a licenced contractor who specialise in composite decking like Stilus Design and Construction, ensures that you will get the right advice when deciding which board is right for you. The experts at Stilus talk about some of reasons why you should think about using composite materials for the next outdoor living project:

Ultra-low maintenance
Lay a deck which you can enjoy more and maintain less. With a simple pressure wash once a year your composite deck will look brand new again. Forget hours of stripping down, sanding and oiling every year.

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Superior Durability
Most composite decking brands resist fading, scratching, mold, bugs and won’t rot, warp, split or splinter. Spilled food, lowered grill tools and moist planter pots are no match for high performance composites.

High-performance composite decking supply the appearance and feel of real lumber, without the environmental impact of deforestation. Most composite decking boards are made from a combination of recycled materials along with binding agents to hold them together. This not only aids to protect trees and forests from being logged but it helps to re-use wasted items such as dry cleaning bags, shopping bags, and plastic bottles.

Strong warranties
Lengthy warranties on composites guarantee long lasting good looks and provide additional peace of mind. Leading brands like Trex, Duralife and Millboard offer HUGE 25-yr Product Warranties.

When planning an outdoor living space, it is important to get the right information from your contractor or timber supplier. Dealing with a company that specialise in composite decking ensures that you will get the right advice for your project. The right choice in decking will save you time and money. Letting you enjoy the space rather than having to maintain it all year round.


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