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Aircon Chemical Cleaning VsAircon Overhaul

Yes – AC is the most important appliances of your home, and it regularly needs maintenance/servicing to keep it works efficiently. As aircon servicing company in Singapore recommends regular servicing increases the life span of your AC components.

No doubt, effectively and efficiently working of AC means less energy bills and even a longer life span!
Typically, normal aircon service is done just like you would wash a car! But, according to aircon installation Singapore company, there are two more effective ways to do aircon servicing/ maintenance. These two ways are:

  1. Aircon Chemical Cleaning
  2. Aircon Overhaul

Let’s take a look!

Aircon Chemical Cleaning:

The company of aircon servicing Singapore reveals that chemical cleaning is completely different from the general aircon service/cleaning!

No doubt, when you are hiring experts for regular AC servicing, you may notice that they only clean the outer parts of your AC.

But remember that AC chemical cleaning is really different!

According to the company of aircon installation Singapore, a chemical cleaning of AC is the process in which you can hire an expert to clean the coils as well as air filters, and even water trays with the ease of solution that is chemical in nature! The experts of aircon servicing Singapore company highly recommended this solution as it consists of ingredients that kill mold and other harmful bacteria. Apart from it, this chemical-based solution will help to wash away the dust and dirt accumulated on the internal parts, also increasing the cooling efficiency of your AC unit and even save aircon repair costs!

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Please refer to our guide on whether your aircon needs chemical servicing.

So, how do you know your AC needs a chemical wash?

As aircon installation Company in Singapore recommended that you should have to get a chemical aircon servicing of your AC twice a year, it can extend the lifespan of the unit and also improve the indoor air quality!

If you see dust, dirt and debris that is difficult to remove, then immediately hire the expert from the company of aircon servicing Singapore to do AC chemical cleaning! Chemical cleaning is the best process that reduces corrosion and control or eliminates molds!

Aircon Overhaul:

AC overhaul is an effective method that is utilized for aircon servicing or repairs. Whenever you notice that your AC system not cooling properly, making a strange/loud noise, leaking water, or has stopped working efficiently, then it means you have to go for an overhaul.

In this method of cleaning, each component of the AC system is dismantled and need to be cleaned properly, repaired or replaced. The experts from the company of aircon installation Singapore confirm you whether your machine needs a complete overhaul or just chemical cleaning does work!

Whenever you face any problems regarding the performance of your AC, you ought to make a call to an expert immediately to save your aircon repair costs. Keep in mind; delay in doing the AC servicing can lead to some serious problems!

Overhaul assists to deal with the given issues!

  • It deals with the blockage of the vents that are caused due to accumulation of dust particles or toxic gunk
  • This method deals with the blockage of drain pipes that causes water to overflow
  • Additionally, this process of cleaning deals with the severe damage to the evaporator coils
  • It helps, bearings of fan are not working properly
  • Also, this method of cleaning will help faulty or damaged air filters
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Keep in mind, once dismantling the parts, each of them can check properly by the technician. No doubt, some of them may need to be repaired as they depend on the condition of the components, while others may require complete replacement!

Once AC overhaul is done, quit worrying as your AC system run like new all over again!

Final Words:

Remember that both Aircon Chemical Cleaning and aircon Overhaul methods will play a vital role to reduce your energy bill and even prolong the life of your AC. If you are in Singapore, then you can hire experts from the MCL Aircon, reliable aircon servicing Singapore company. Yes, the company provides legitimate packages on aircon servicing/ installation/ repairing/ replacing and much more! Please read here on our top 5 reliable and best aircon service providers list in Singapore.

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