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Importance Of Modular Green Roof Technology

With the introduction of the new and improved M-TRAY® this past year, we think that now could be a great time to highlight some of the main benefits offered by the installation of a quality modular green roofing system onto a property.

Below we have recognized 3 of the primary benefits available:

Benefit No. 1 – Environmental Impact
These roofs have a positive impact on the surroundings in the; they help reduce carbon dioxide concentration as grass and other vegetation aid in air purification. Air around most urban centres is mostly toxic because hardly any trees or grass exist. However, having some vegetation on ever beforey apartment’s rooftop can help deal with the toxic air.

Another key benefit for by using a green roof is that it can help conserve heat by reducing heat loss during winter and reducing heat absorption in to the house during hot weather and summer. These roofs have also shown a chance to reduce stormwater runoff. Stormwater is often destructive as it carries away anything in its way, as well as damage waterways. These roofs, however, retain water reducing its speed and impact on these waterways.

Benefit No. 2 – Enhanced Durability
Circular Modular Green Roof last many times longer than roofing shingles exposed to UV rays. The grass and soil covering the waterproofing membrane protect the roof from harmful Ultra violet rays that cause faster degradation especially on conventional roofs. If installed correctly, these roofs can last two times longer than the most durable roofing materials available in the market today. Little to no maintenance is necessary for these roofs thus making them cost-efficient and bang for your buck.

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Please Note – With new advances in green roofing technology, the plants are farther much more likely to survive but not die back because they are more mature and established

Benefit No. 3 – Noise and Heat Reduction
Conventional roofs generate more heat specially when the home or a substance is on fire as compared to green roofs. The reason is that a living roof can withstand extreme heat thus making it possible to contain house fires. Furthermore, some studies have indicated that the installation of a green roofing system can reduce sound from the outside by as much as a whopping 40 decibels. This makes your home or the office quieter especially in noisy neighbourhoods and near airports.

Living roofs are considered the best kind of roofs you might want in your home. Consider having one installed to take pleasure from these and many other green roof benefits.

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