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What Are The Current Trends In Kitchen Design?

Read about current kitchen design trends, from installing a white kitchen cabinet with ultra-modern storage and floral colors to minimalist patterns.

The kitchen being an integral part of our house, we want our kitchen to look its best. While some kitchen designs are classic and timeless, there always comes a time when a particular kitchen design is more popular than the other. From time to time, we may want to remodel, redesign, or simply build a kitchen keeping up with the current trends in kitchen designs.

From adjusting the color tones, installing a white kitchen cabinet with a handleless door, or molding the ambiance with a lighting chandelier to tweaking the storage options, etc. There are trendy kitchen features you ought to check out when planning to renovate your space..

Blending current design trends along with the timeless classic aesthetics can go a long way to ensure that your kitchen and house appeal not only to you but also inspires numerous people from different walks of life. A trendy kitchen with a future safe design aesthetic will also ensure that you have a high resale value in the future, should you decide to put your house on sale.

This article focuses on some striking kitchen design trends currently in vogue. You can take inspiration from them to either rebuild your kitchen or make some changes in your existing kitchen to stay abreast with the current trends.

Go Minimal

Embracing minimalism is all about focusing on priorities. It eliminates the need to declutter too often since the very design aspect focuses on giving importance to only the essentials. Needless to say, people are raising their eyebrows with wonder and awe with minimalist kitchen spaces.

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Bright and peaceful is the motto of such a kitchen space. Many design experts claim that a minimalist design is trendy, and it’s going to stay with a little tweak here and there for a long while to come.

A minimalist kitchen design can be achieved by installing a white kitchen cabinet with clean lines and simple geometric shapes. The originally minimalist kitchens were mostly adorned with white, light gray, and lighter shades of beige as their overall color aesthetics. However, various shades are currently being used as a clean shade of perfect vermillion red or sunrise orange, and it gives a perfect touch to the minimalist lifestyle.

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New Trends in Color

Two distinct new trends have been noticed in the color aspects of kitchen designs. The first one imbibes the striking color aspects that complement a white kitchen cabinet. For instance, you can have a complementing dark-colored pattern of various geometric shapes adorning the kitchen walls, backsplashes, or the kitchen floor to give it a classic yet trendy look.

A blend of geometric patterns consisting of straight lines and smooth curves can form a formidable visual appeal for your kitchen space.

The next color trend is going entirely natural. Nature-inspired designs and floral shapes adorning a kitchen space will give your kitchen a fresh appeal and a natural aura too. It can stay trendy for years together since a design inspired by nature is always timeless.

Green, floral reds, Mahogany brown, or sunflower yellow can adorn your kitchen space in various ways to make it trendy. A fine balance between nature-inspired kitchen color schemes and practical functionality can be achieved by installing colorfully textured kitchen appliances.

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Intelligent Storage

A clean and uncluttered kitchen space needs to have a storage space that is easy to access, spacious enough for every kitchenware and cutlery, is easily concealed, and yet has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The modern storage requirements underline new trends in cabinetry functions, for example, integrated appliances with long vertical space running from floor to ceiling or a horizontal wall cabinetry system running from wall to wall.

Deep storage spaces with customized pan drawers and pull-out pantries that help in keeping things concealed yet easily accessible are a trend this season.

Discrete beverage spaces help in keeping the counter-space clean and tidy. On the other hand, the electronic kitchen appliances in the storage unit with concealed electrical wiring make it trendy and functional.

Stylish Islands

The statement on the design trends in vogue is to incorporate a statement island kitchen cabinetry along with the regular wall cabinets. The current fashion of installing an island white kitchen cabinet with a synchronized countertop, especially of marble or graphite with natural patterns that complement the color white makes your kitchen space unique yet subtle and warm.

People love the idea of installing an island cabinet that can also serve as a dining space. It is functional in this aspect.

You may want to keep the usage and purpose of the island cabinet and the regular cabinet distinct and separate. You may achieve this by using different materials for each type. Nevertheless, keep the uniformity of the kitchen design intact by using a uniform color scheme for each type of cabinet.

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Flashy Hardware

The kitchen hardware as the handles, the knobs, the nuts, the bolts, etc., are easily overlooked, yet they are hard to fit into the design module. The current trends, however, have seen increasing attention to the kitchen hardware and invite courageous exploring minds to embrace a unique mixing trend this season.

You may mix the gold or brass kitchen handles with a warmer kitchen cabinet color. Alternatively, if you have installed a white kitchen cabinet, you may mix the handles with matte black or dark tan with a polish that is pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to hold.

Wrap Up

Kitchen design trends get a complete overhaul regularly. Though some are timeless classic designs that appeal to every era and generation, fresh design aesthetics arise that imbibe the current thoughts and sensitivity from time to time. Fresh and new ideas and inspirations can strike at every corner of your kitchen space at every nook.

Whether you remodel your kitchen floor with trendy checkered patterns or install a gray or white kitchen cabinet with complimenting or contrasting colors, explore design inspirations with an open mind to make your kitchen space stand out. Let us know any kitchen design trends that bewildered you.


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