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Parcel Post Box: Help you Prevent Package Theft

Imagine you have just moved into your new home: the dream home you’ve always imagined you’d 1 day live in. You may have ordered some decorative items for the house. As you click “confirm delivery”, a chill runs down your spine. You will have to impose another bout of social distancing on yourself and stay at home for days at a time, waiting for the parcel to arrive. Or, you will have to ask one of your new neighbours if they might be kind enough to take possession of your parcel in your stead. Are they dependable though? And are you probably going to ask for a favour two minutes after introducing yourself? There must be an improved way to do this. Given the fact that you will be looking over this post, you already know what the solution to your problem is: can I Love Parcels parcel delivery box. But let us break the benefits of owning one down for you, before you make your purchase.


Owning a parcel box ensures you never has to be at home again to simply accept a delivery. You don’t have to plan your daily tasks around the delivery van’s arrival, forlornly staring out the window as car after car passes by, without the sign of your parcel. You don’t have to madly rush home from the neighborhood shops, only to find the delivery guy has gotten fed up with waiting and has left you a “Sorry we missed you” note. So long as have to frequent the post office searching for your missed deliveries. A delivery box will be readily available to accept your parcels 24/7, 365 days a year. It won’t care about delivery delays. Whenever you decide to do get home, your parcel will snuggly is nestled in your parcel box.

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The rise in online shopping has also inspired a growth in parcel theft. With so many deliveries zooming around, most of them left unattended, not so carefully concealed behind your bins, the unscrupulous have found ways to take advantage of the side effects of the pandemic. No matter how good of a hiding place for your parcels you think you have devised, nothing comes even close to a parcel delivery box. It’s safe and sturdy, and in order to pry it open, a thief would have to cause quite a bit of noise, that will dissuade even the more reckless one of them.

Having a parcel drop box installed at home means that now you can order even the more expensive items online you have previously been hesitant to add to your cart. They will be flawlessly safe in your delivery box. Parcel theft can, sadly, also lead to identity theft, and dealing with the ramifications from it can often turn your previously quiet life into quite the nightmare. However, when you entrust your packages to a parcel box, no person can get at your own information, and your identity is kept safe.


No one appreciates an excellent day as much as we Brits do. Given the sheer amount of rainfall we see every year, no wonder we are as obsessed about the weather even as indeed are. A very familiar offshoot of said rainy climate is returning home to a soggy parcel sitting behind the bins. At least it’s still there. However, not being in a position to predict every time a parcel is likely to arrive may leave them out in the rain or snow for longer than you’d have anticipated, and their contents may get quite damaged. Consequently, you might not exactly even be able to return those headphones, given that they have likely been damaged due to your own business meeting running over, which includes then made you miss the bus and triggered an additional hour of rain hammering down on your parcel.

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Naturally, one of our parcel boxes will completely prevent any weather increment to touch your parcels. Well, admittedly they’ll catch a few drops en route between delivery van and parcel box, but you know very well what we mean.


A parcel box also translates to ‘round the clock deliveries. No more must you carefully choose delivery times (and often pay the premium for this added convenience) to ensure you have reached home at the appointed hour. You are able to choose free shipping and be confident your package will be delivered. There may of course be some exceptions of course, as certain brands may be reluctant to leave a high-value item in your parcel box, and you don’t want to leave any perishables in there too long. However, you are able to take that staycation without the concern with a missed delivery, and you also no longer have to open your door to strangers at night. The delivery box will handle all the unpleasantness for you, and act as your watchdog.


Owning a delivery box also provides the infinite comfort of shopping at any time of day, night, month or year. You are able to take full good thing about your entire favourite brands’ discounts, sales, limited offers and personalised deals. You won’t have to think about the cost and capability of delivery ever again. If you pays your VAT at the time of putting your order, you can also convey more freedom ordering from overseas. This can save you some money too, as you have the complete freedom to shop at the best possible prices, never having to worry about parcel theft or item damage, and may also forget you’ve made that order, just for it to make your day when it does eventually arrive.

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