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How Smart Home Automation Is Changing The Way, We Live

Technology is a big part of our lives today. It plays a significant role in everything from the shoes we decide to buy to who we date. Similarly, smart home automation is changing the way your home operates in more ways than one.

While for many people who aren’t aware, smart home automation may seem like science fiction. In reality, it is already a part of a growing number of homes that rely on technology to keep their heating running efficiently, intruders out of their property, and even ensuring the garage door closes on their way out.

The term ‘smart home automation’ mainly refers to a group of devices, systems, software, and appliances that are connected. Many times these devices communicate with each other, and for the most part, can be controlled remotely. When technology in your home is grouped together, it forms a central network, and that’s what is referred to as a “connected home.”

You can connect your thermostat, TVs, locks, and appliances to the internet using smart home automation. So, not only can you control these devices from maybe an app on your smartphone, but these devices can communicate with each other. For instance, if you lock the door on your way out but forget to turn off the lights, a smart home will turn them off automatically.

Manage All Devices From A Singular Location

Many people hail, the ability to control everything from a singular device or location to be the biggest benefit of home automation. While it may be one of the most prominent benefits, there are others. For instance, you don’t have to worry about losing remotes often in between cushions or the dog left freezing because you turned off the heat by mistake.

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Easy To Use

One of the reasons smart home automation has become increasingly popular in recent years is that it is convenient. When you can control everything from the air conditioning to heating and lights from the palm of your hands, there is no going back to flipping switches. Not to mention that you can control the entire home even from halfway across the world, so as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Improves A Home’s Energy Efficiency

Home automation can also help you save a bundle of money on bills. Since you can control devices across your home via a smartphone, the systems can also be programmed to turn off stuff you don’t need when not at home.

For instance, if you leave the house without turning off the TV in the morning, or maybe the heater was left running, the home automation system allows you to turn it off while on the way to work or even from work. Some systems will even notify you that items were left running. In the past, leaving stuff on while you were at work would be a costly mistake; today, it takes a few seconds to fix!

No Need For Keys

Just about everyone reading this can relate to losing their keys and the frustration associated with it. However, if you have a smart home automation system and your locks have been upgraded to smart locks, you don’t need keys to get in. You also don’t have to worry about your keys getting stolen or copied. All you need is your phone to get in.

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Not only does upgrading your regular locks to smart locks improve your home’s safety, but you don’t need keys to get in. There is also a far lower probability of an intruder breaking in. In addition, if you travel a lot and rely on everyone you know, having a copy of your keys to feed the goldfish maybe, that’s something you don’t need to worry about anymore. In fact, you can watch whoever enters your home to feed the goldfish, in addition to opening the door for them.

Great For Forgetful People

We all live pretty busy lives, and its perfectly normal to forget everyday stuff like locking the front door, closing the garage door, or even turning the AC off. However, all of these can end up being costly mistakes. Smart home automation gives you peace of mind knowing that none of this can happen. Instead of having to otherwise rush home, you can close the garage door and turn off the AC via an app on your smartphone.

If you are far away from home, often for an extended period, you can check on it remotely via a series of cameras installed in various parts of the home.

Smart Security Systems

No smart home automation system can be complete if there isn’t a home security system in place. In the past, these systems used to be very complex and hence expensive to set up. Most people found them a hassle to maintain, so they were reserved for the super-rich.

Today, they are a lot less complex, don’t require much maintenance, and most security technicians can install them. Also, these systems have become a lot more user-friendly in recent years, which means that even the more senior members of the population can operate these locks without hassle.

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The systems are easily accessible from a smartphone, allowing homeowners to check security camera footage, disarm or arm their locks from anywhere.


Smart home automation has, fortunately, made the lives of many people more accessible and their bills cheaper. Furthermore, the newest systems are designed to be used in both old homes and ones that are being built. Most smart home automation systems don’t require you to make expensive changes or upgrades to your home.

Today, many people rely on their smart home automation system for everything from security to monitoring their elderly and preventing theft. The latest systems are better, cheaper and offer more features. That’s why if your home isn’t taking advantage of home automation and IoT, then you could be losing out on the many advantages that they offer, like ensuring efficient power management, which helps you save on power bills.

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