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Cool Ways To Paint The Interior Of Your Home

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable ways to change a room. Painting is something many homeowners are comfortable carrying out unless it is a whole house is done. A DIY painting project is the most common change people do to a home. There are a lot of cool ways to paint a room. You can play off of the furniture and the rest of the home’s aesthetic to really make it your own. Professional painters in South Jersey detailed the interesting ways you can paint the interior of your home.

Shelving Highlights

There are a few cool ways to paint a room that makes shelving pop. An arrangement on a shelf can make a freshly painted wall pop and vice versa. Painter’s tape and high-contrast paint will be able to create geometric elements that can add spice and comfort to a room.

Add Stripes

Painting stripes can make a wall have a lot more depth and look three-dimensional. Stripes can work either horizontal or vertical. A striped wall can make the room appear a lot bigger than it is. Adding stripes to a wall requires a lot more prep work than usual for the average DIY paint project, but looks really cool when it is all done.   You will need to add painters tape strips along the wall and space them accurately to create a professional stripe look. We suggest purchasing high quality painters tape for this type of project for the best striped edges.

High Contrast Paint

High contrast paint can make old-school features really pop such as wood trim around entryways or as crown moldings. High contrast paint can help bring a modern look to old elements of a home. A darker color will complement the floor and a lighter color will add depth to the ceiling.

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Open Floor Plans  

Open floor plans have multiple rooms weave into one another without any walls separating them. You can use paint in a few different ways to further emphasize open concept design. You can make certain areas look bigger by using contrasting colors to define the outlines of rooms. Accent walls can be used to create a really cool atmosphere. They don’t always have to meet corner to corner either. Sharp edges and lines are your friends.

Add Texture To Your Walls

Texture can be an interesting accent to the interior walls of your home. A patterned roller can be used to paint elaborate designs onto your walls. It is much easier to use textured rollers than stencils, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Patterned rollers are interchangeable as well so you are never committed to a single pattern. You have to be sure that you follow the lines you roll so the patterns are not off-centered.


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