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Concrete Walkway Construction – Tips from an Experienced Contractor

Are you tired of your children tracking dirt and mud into your home due to the lack of an exterior concrete walkway? Maybe you are considering adding one or more exterior walkways to add a bit of decor around the exterior of your home. Concrete walkways can provide clean and dry pathways between….

  • Front door and driveway
  • Front door and street
  • Back door and patio
  • Patio and pool
  • Various exterior sitting and entertainment areas
  • And much more

The key to full realization to your vision will be the selection of a qualified contractor to perform the work. As you drive around your community you will probably see several examples of poor concrete work. You will notice concrete walkways that are cracked, fractured, uneven, and just generally unattractive. These eyesores are usually the result of poor workmanship.

Tips from an Experienced Contractor

Terrell & Co Contracting, artisanal providers of Bathroom Remodel in Lewisburg, PA , has been providing concrete walkway construction services to residents of Pennsylvania for more than a decade. They know that the construction of an attractive and durable walkway requires a robust combination of skill, knowledge, and actual experience. They provide the following tips to any homeowner considering adding a concrete walkway to the exterior of their home:

Don’t Underestimate the Project

High quality concrete construction work requires specific skills and experience. While it’s true that the construction of a concrete walkway can be handled as a DIY project, Terrell and Co Contracting has seen many examples of homeowners trying their hand at concrete work only to discover that their project required skills and knowledge that they simply did not possess.

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In many cases, those homeowners decided to hire Terrell and Co Contracting to take charge of the work. In other cases, the homeowners stuck to their DIY approach only to end up with a result that they were not happy with.

Understand what’s Involved

Concrete work may appear to be rather basic and non-technical. That is simply not the case. The creation of a great concrete walkway for your home will require some pre-existing knowledge—and experience—with the following:

  • Excavation and Surface Preparation:More than just digging. This preliminary step establishes the foundation for your walkway.
  • Building of Forms and Joints: Requires the ability to work with wood to produce accurate wooden components.
  • Concrete mixing and pouring: Lack of understanding of proper concrete mixing and pouring techniques will result in pours that are a complete failure.
  • Surface finishing: The surface appearance of your walkway will depend on the ability to properly smooth and finish its surface.

The addition of a well-constructed concrete walkway can add an attractive, and functional, element to the exterior of your home. Conversely, a walkway that is not properly constructed can quickly become a non-functional eyesore. Understanding the basics of concrete walkway construction will increase your chances of getting the result that you had envisioned.

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