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Benefits of Wet and Dry Kitchen

Your kitchen has advanced from a typical carpentered kitchen into a factory-manufactured modular kitchen which is evolving further. Among the emerging tendencies in modern kitchen design is to have split wet and dried out modular kitchen areas, especially in posh metropolitan homes. These kitchen areas are segregated into two areas, where one section can be used for light food preparation in a interactive space as the other section can be used for heavy-duty food preparation and is situated within a restricted space. Here’s all you have to to learn about moist and dry kitchen areas.

Exactly what is a wet kitchen?

The wet kitchen is the greater useful kitchen reserved for the heavy / oily cooking, and appears like more commercial features, like tiled wall space and flooring, exhaust hoods within the ovens, great venting, larger home windows, and deeper sinks. Sometimes, you will get wet and dried out kitchens with differing counters as well, with an increase of durable counter tops throughout the wet kitchen, like granite rather than quartz or laminate. For more information, see our ‘Kitchen design tips’.

  • The wet kitchen is an extremely useful kitchen that can be used for cooking food full meals, that involves a great deal of boiling and frying, combined with the release of smoke cigarettes and heat.
  • Just such as a regular kitchen, a wet kitchen can be used for storing cutlery, items, groceries and other kitchen substances.
  • A wet kitchen has tiled wall space, a kitchen chimney, an exhaust enthusiast, a dishwasher, natural venting through home windows and deep sinks for cleaning filthy items and vegetables.
  • The wet kitchen is enclosed with a hinged or slipping door in materials such as cup or plywood which separates it from remaining home.
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  • The main benefit of a wet kitchen is that since it is at a restricted space, it isn’t noticeable from the traditional regions of the house. The smoke cigarettes and fumes do not get into the the areas of the house.
  • The bad kitchen odours are vented out through your kitchen chimney and exhaust enthusiast.

Exactly what is a dry kitchen?

The dry kitchen is the “lite” kitchen. Often outfitted with smaller heating system devices like microwaves and toaster ovens, the dry kitchen acts as the breakfast time and snacks cooking food place. Decked out with counters and sinks like any other kitchen, it acts more of a community purpose. Most dried out kitchens have significantly more club space for stools or chair, the sinks aren’t as big or challenging, and the entire space is smaller. The floors may also differ to a far more decorative appear to be timber or carpet than the utilitarian tiles of the wet kitchen.

  • The dry kitchen was created as a protracted area of the living or dining area and matches using its decor.
  • This kitchen includes a little kitchen counter top with a shallow kitchen sink for basic hands washing and blade cleaning. There could be provision for a toaster, a cooktop, microwave and a blender (optional).
  • It is a smoke-free kitchen and is used for light and simple food preparation which includes breakfast time, wiches or reducing fruits, making s, cooking and easy snack foods.


  • The dry kitchen is comfortable as it is usually air-conditioned and forms an interactive area of the living and eating area. One can certainly chat and preparing meals together with children, friends and family.
  • The dry kitchen can do dual responsibility as a club counter-top and a breakfast time counter-top, with provision for stools and chair, like in the image above.
  • You can be quite creative with the look of the dry kitchen and incorporate trending counter top materials with expensive cupboard surface finishes such as acrylic because the dry kitchen is really small and is simple to maintain.
  • The dry kitchen needs less clearing up compared to a wet kitchen.
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